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Impressionist Treasures

For the first time, the Gallery turned the tables on the concept of attracting viewers to the Gallery, and instead, brought the Gallery to the viewers. Aside from generating memorable experiences by inviting passers-by to sit and immerse themselves in the painting, the experiential installation was designed to reach and entice new Gallery audiences to come see the original at the Gallery. The experiential installation was even equipped with three interactive iPad kiosks where visitors could play an Art Match quiz.

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DIY Spice Blends by Chef Heidi

Unilever Food Solutions tasked resident Chef Heidi Heckmann (Regional Customer Chef, Cape Town) to create 11 unique Spice Blends recipes using the Robertsons Spice Range. As part of “Our Journey, Your Discovery” campaign the idea was to create unique images and designs using these ingredients for a fun Facebook campaign. Each week Chef Heidi’s unique Spice Blends was posted as media-rich Facebook Canvas Posts. Each of these recipes is also available for iPad download at the website.

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Feira do Alvarinho

Feira do Alvarinho is an annual wine party that takes place in Moncao, in Portugal. To communicate the event, it was created an ancient and fictional kingdom. With own name and civilization, The Kingdom of Alvarinho, designated so because Moncao is known as the cradle of Alvarinho wine, was inspired in the real history, places, iconic people and legends of Moncao. The biggest challenge of this project was to carry the real story of the territory into the character design.

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Grimm's Tales

Creative hi-tech technology combined with poetry online for the launch of a jewellery collection: an interactive walk through a magical castle giving access to the heart of the Four Tales, where decor and characters offer surprising interactions. A real-time rendering engine allows great freedom of movement. The user is immersed in this virtual world and invited to discover the numerous facets of the collection.

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Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R is a sports car continuing to evolve in order to pursue ultimate driving pleasure. It provides a supreme delight anywhere with anybody and boasts overwhelming performance. This 2020 model year GT-R evolved further by pursing speed quality without compromising and by applying the racing technology cultivated in the past to acceleration and steering feel unstintingly. This GT-R is a tuning car featuring many racing technologies, efficiency technology used in turbo.

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Nissan Skyline

The Skyline, first introduced in 1957, is a premium sport sedan representing Nissan and has been followed by many Japanese customers for 62 years. Successive Skylines have evolved by adopting the most advanced technology at the time consistently. And now the all-new Skyline equipped with ProPILOT 2.0, the world’s first advanced driver-assistance systems hits the streets. It is a model exploring fun to drive in the new era.

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