Calendar:calendar 2015 “bike” by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Creates The Calendar 2015 “bike” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the architect of the awarded project Calendar 2015 “Bike” - Calendar by Katsumi Tamura points out, The Bike is a bicycle-shaped paper craft calendar. The set includes paper parts that forms bike and brass screws. Two months are sh <Cropped>

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Isabella Liu's When I Got Lost... Artwork

Isabella Liu Demonstrates The When I Got Lost... Artwork

Isabella Liu, the creative mind behind the award winning design When I Got Lost... by Isabella Liu demonstrates, Isabella Liu aims to create a piece of artwork that guides an individual's emotional direction and empower them when they get lost <Cropped>

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Off The Wall-Design Contest For a New Furnishing Metal Bookshelf

Design Contest For a New Furnishing Metal Bookshelfmabele, Brand of The Italian Ma-bo, Is Looking For Original Solutions For Metal Bookshelves That Might Be Hung On The Walls Just Like Pictures. The Proposals Should Be Able to Adorn An Empty Wall Characte

Design contest for a new furnishing metal bookshelfMabele, brand of the italian ma-bo, is looking for original solutions for metal bookshelves that might be hung on the walls just like pictures. the proposals should be able to adorn an empty wall cha <Cropped>

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Amaury Gallon's Baobab Garden Garden

Amaury Gallon Exhibits The Baobab Garden Garden

Amaury Gallon, the author of the awarded design Amaury Gallon's Baobab Garden Garden says, Baobab Garden is a garden conceived between two cultures, the Asian through its garden and the bamboo, and Africa through a symbolic baobab. These two ins <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Furniture by Arash Shojaee

Arash Shojaee Shares The Screw Chair Multifunctional Furniture

Arash Shojaee, the lead designer of the awarded work Screw Chair by Arash Shojaee points out, In nowadays' venturesome life the middle class and the low income part of the society is under the most economical pressure and thus are more intereste <Cropped>

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Arundhati Sathe's Depiction Reception Stage

Arundhati Sathe Spotlights The Depiction Reception Stage

Arundhati Sathe, the creative mind behind the awarded project Depiction - Reception Stage by Arundhati Sathe demonstrates, The set is designed for a wedding reception. The whole concept revolves around the roman architecture. Grand avenue welcome the <Cropped>

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Silver Wave

Find New Interesting Application For The Greggio Pure Silver Foils.silver Wave Greggio, Benchmark Company in The Silver World, Is Now Looking For New Applications For Its Technology and Know-hows Based On The Production and Working of Pure Silver Foils A

Find new interesting application for the greggio pure silver foils.Silver wave greggio, benchmark company in the silver world, is now looking for new applications for its technology and know-hows based on the production and working of pure silver fo <Cropped>

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Wine Packaging Design:motif Wine by En Garde Interdisciplinary Gmbh

En Garde Interdisciplinary Gmbh Designs The Motif Wine Wine Packaging Design

EN GARDE Interdisciplinary Gmbh, the author of the highlighted project EN GARDE Interdisciplinary Gmbh's Motif Wine Wine Packaging Design illustrates, Our vision was to „think“ the world of wine anew. We wanted a graphic pattern to visualize <Cropped>

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Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition by Makkuni Ranjit

Makkuni Ranjit Shares The Musical Landscapes and The Goddess Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition

Makkuni Ranjit, the maker of the award winning design Makkuni Ranjit's Musical Landscapes and the Goddess Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition demonstrates, The Musical Landscapes and the Goddesses of Music is an exhibition presenting advances <Cropped>

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Mosk-Barstool by Cherif Morsi

Cherif Morsi Portrays The Mosk Barstool

Cherif Morsi, the lead designer of the award winning project Barstool by Cherif Morsi spells out, Mosk barstool collection Inspired by Islamic architecture in its astute way of distributing weight using minimal material and achieving great rigidit <Cropped>

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