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Mitsubishi eK X (Cross)

eK X is a crossover model that incorporates the SUV taste distinctive to Mitsubishi Motors. Its design embodies Mitsubishi’s brand message Drive your Ambition and powerful driving performance with low fuel consumption is featured. This vehicle was developed to reflect the target customers insights wanting to challenge something new with an inquiring mind. This brochure was designed to communicate special fascination of eK X, a new crossover SUV variant kei car completely.

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Electric Meets Reality

MG interactive AR projection sculpture, inside a car dealership. Untitled Studios created a playful, fun, and engaging in-store experience. The AR Projection-Mapping represents the electricity, and the sculpture portrays reality. When the two meet, they create an exhilarating experience and educate the shopper at the same time. When the projector is turned off, one can see an elegant white sculpture on the wall.

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Small Town

Taiwan Tourism Bureau unveiled 2019 campaign to promote small indigenous towns in Taiwan. The first-ever 3D Traditional Taiwanese House bus will roam the streets of Singapore, offering the residents and the tourists a brand-new vision of the charm of Taiwan. The 3D installation art with a swallowtail roof of local architectural style on the top and the decorative tiles with floral patterns on the bottom half of the bus are both iconic imageries of traditional towns. The nest of swallow, a symbol of opulence and prosperity, is brought to life on the Traditional House Bus.

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BSTN Raffle

The task was to design and produce an action figure for a Nike shoe. Since this shoe combines a white snakeskin design with bright green elements, it was clear that the action figure would be a contortionist. Designers sketched and optimized the figure in a very short time as an action figure in the style of the well-known action heroes. Then they designed a small comic with a story and produced this figure in 3D printing with high-quality packaging.

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In 2020, Brainartist launches a cross-media campaign for the client Steitz Secura to acquire new customers: with a highly individualized message as a targeted poster campaign as close as possible to the gates of potential customers and an individualized mailing with the matching shoe from the current collection. The recipient receives the matching counterpart when he or she makes an appointment with the sales force. The aim of the campaign was to stage Steitz Secura and the "matching" company as a perfect pair. Brainartist developed the complete very successful campaign.

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Cap Pac

Cap Pac is a marketing tool tailored for outdoor events. Designed to increase uptake and widening the appeal of brands promotional products, by offering multiple fun, interactive and useful products for the consumer. The configuration of the Sign/Drinks Carrier and two detachable Sun Visors fitting around each other, fully utilising the material. All these products are made from a single sheet of card making them cheap to deliver and easy to distribute at the event. Manufactured in the most sustainable way possible, with each CapPac produced actually having a positive impact to the planet.

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