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Don't Cross The Line

When drivers drive their cars, the pavement can turn into something dangerous if we do not pay attention and especially crossing the lane on the road. The Citroën C3 launches this campaign to highlight its benefit of Lane Departure System on board. The graphic design is done on a CGI platform that recreated some dangerous situations that could happen when we cross lanes during driving, made of pavement. Campaign created to demonstrate the lane departure system of the New Citroën C3.

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Electric power came to the automotive segment and Citroën Chile to launch the electric version of the new Berlingo had decided to make a series of posters that were delivered to each customer who bought it, they see animals celebrating the arrival of a vehicle that comes to care environment. Print and poster campaign made for the Citroën E-Berlingo electric car, to show that it is 100% environmentally friendly. Animals on earth feel happy when a car is not contaminating.

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Impressionist Treasures

For the first time, the Gallery turned the tables on the concept of attracting viewers to the Gallery, and instead, brought the Gallery to the viewers. Aside from generating memorable experiences by inviting passers-by to sit and immerse themselves in the painting, the experiential installation was designed to reach and entice new Gallery audiences to come see the original at the Gallery. The experiential installation was even equipped with three interactive iPad kiosks where visitors could play an Art Match quiz.

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DIY Spice Blends by Chef Heidi

Unilever Food Solutions tasked resident Chef Heidi Heckmann (Regional Customer Chef, Cape Town) to create 11 unique Spice Blends recipes using the Robertsons Spice Range. As part of “Our Journey, Your Discovery” campaign the idea was to create unique images and designs using these ingredients for a fun Facebook campaign. Each week Chef Heidi’s unique Spice Blends was posted as media-rich Facebook Canvas Posts. Each of these recipes is also available for iPad download at the website.

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Nissan Duck

Nissan Parts and After Sales is a division of Nissan South Africa. With the summer rain coming in November, Nissan wanted to remind their customers about the importance of checking wiper blades during these wet months. When you fit Nissan genuine wiper blades, you give yourself and your car the same protection from the rain as ducks have to protect them from water.

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Feira do Alvarinho

Feira do Alvarinho is an annual wine party that takes place in Moncao, in Portugal. To communicate the event, it was created an ancient and fictional kingdom. With own name and civilization, The Kingdom of Alvarinho, designated so because Moncao is known as the cradle of Alvarinho wine, was inspired in the real history, places, iconic people and legends of Moncao. The biggest challenge of this project was to carry the real story of the territory into the character design.

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