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Electric Meets Reality

MG interactive AR projection sculpture, inside a car dealership. Untitled Studios created a playful, fun, and engaging in-store experience. The AR Projection-Mapping represents the electricity, and the sculpture portrays reality. When the two meet, they create an exhilarating experience and educate the shopper at the same time. When the projector is turned off, one can see an elegant white sculpture on the wall.

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The posters were part of the brand identity of Daikure, a world leading Japanese manufacturing company in heavy industry. With real employees as the model, the attitude of authenticity and craftsmanship, the breakthrough and boldness in the profession, the heritage were the concept delivered by the focus of facial expression, the eyes and the posture. The contrast and the light arrangement revealed the solid energy.

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The 15th Games of Jiangxi

The core of this design is to study the integration of ceramic culture and sports elements to achieve a series of sports theme posters. This series of posters adopts the modern design method, redesigns the traditional Chinese ceramic culture, combines the sports elements, embodies the sports posters with cultural heritage, and can play a role in promoting the urban culture. This is a series of posters for the sports meeting held in Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain. Therefore, the poster design combines ceramic culture with sports elements.

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Small Town

Taiwan Tourism Bureau unveiled 2019 campaign to promote small indigenous towns in Taiwan. The first-ever 3D Traditional Taiwanese House bus will roam the streets of Singapore, offering the residents and the tourists a brand-new vision of the charm of Taiwan. The 3D installation art with a swallowtail roof of local architectural style on the top and the decorative tiles with floral patterns on the bottom half of the bus are both iconic imageries of traditional towns. The nest of swallow, a symbol of opulence and prosperity, is brought to life on the Traditional House Bus.

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Settlements are a reality throughout the world and especially in Latin America. This advertising design seeks to collect funds in a different way and does so by launching a film that ultimately did not exist. To get a ticket, people had to go to the movie's website to buy their tickets and when they did they realized the movie didn't exist, so they could donate their money to the foundation.

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Pride Shrike

The mascot design of Pingtung city has long been monkeys because the old name of Pingtung is "Ahou", which is pronounced similar to "monkey" in Mandarin. In order to break away from stereotyped thinking, the team selected brown shrike, the bird of Pingtung County, as an inspiration to give everyone a refreshing impression about Pingtung. The games cheer not only for the winners, but all athletes as they all make us proud.

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