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Arminda Caffe

Arminda Coffee goes back to the life of Lady Arminda and her granddaughter heritage. The proposal is permeated with history, meaning and purpose, bringing the scenery by the Uruguayan and Brazilian plateaus and plains the paths of the Brazilian cavaliers. This is the context told through design, the visual identity praises the real story and the result is a new brand witch offers solutions for a meaning experience, sophistication and care. The unique aroma of past or tradition, invades the house as well as stimulates the senses and harmony.

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Doritos Rainbow

To elevate Doritos support of the LGBTQ community, PepsiCo created a purposeful and immersive experience through One Kiss, One Donation. Throughout the campaign the company leveraged TV, digital, and activation opportunities to create a virtual chain of love and respect that swept across social media and into people's hearts. Garnering over 1 million virtual kisses that were converted into a massive donation in support of the community.

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Full Moon

On Halloween 2020 while the whole world was talking about a special full moon which was visible in all parts of the globe, Guinness became part of the conversation by posting this unique visual to light up social media feeds on Halloween night. Agency: Rothco, part of Accenture Interactive | Client: Guinness

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I love You From Afar

At the beginning of the pandemic, when everyone was in quarantine in Chile, all Miniso stores were closed, and to maintain the commitment to its audience, the "I Love You From Afar" campaign was created, which is executed 100% online delivering thousands of ideas to entertain your consumers while they were locked up.

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Marketplace on the Move

New way to sell your car everywhere! Only at where you can post to sell your car and we will produce QR Code Sticker based on your listed car's unique web address, with your selected sticker design then deliver to your place so you can attach sticker on your car!!! For Buyer, just scan QR Code you see at the Seller’s car parking at department stores, coffee shops, buildings, and etc. Access to car details instantly. Call the Seller and check it out. All are suddenly happened at the place where you both are!!!

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LAXART museum

LAXART is a museum that brings LA artists and artworks based on LA into one space. The new LAXART logo celebrates the life found beating throughout the city through its multiple colors and layers of X-shaped lines. The colors and X's build on each other to represent the diversity found in Los Angeles. The logo can also adapt to a variety of surfaces and mediums, subtly shifting from print, to web, and other interactive environments to accommodate to a continually shifting city.

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