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Small Town

Taiwan Tourism Bureau unveiled 2019 campaign to promote small indigenous towns in Taiwan. The first-ever 3D Traditional Taiwanese House bus will roam the streets of Singapore, offering the residents and the tourists a brand-new vision of the charm of Taiwan. The 3D installation art with a swallowtail roof of local architectural style on the top and the decorative tiles with floral patterns on the bottom half of the bus are both iconic imageries of traditional towns. The nest of swallow, a symbol of opulence and prosperity, is brought to life on the Traditional House Bus.

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Use It

This design, using three everyday situations of people using the subway to dairio, conveys how people habitually use products that they could buy in the subway souvenir shop. This design invites to use metro products (t-shirts, mugs, bottles, toys, etc.) on a daily basis, using them at any time of the day and in any situation. For example, in one of the designs presented, a woman is seen wearing a subway shirt in a plaza, very calm and happy. The design tries to invite those who see it to incorporate the products of the subway as a new fashion.

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Settlements are a reality throughout the world and especially in Latin America. This advertising design seeks to collect funds in a different way and does so by launching a film that ultimately did not exist. To get a ticket, people had to go to the movie's website to buy their tickets and when they did they realized the movie didn't exist, so they could donate their money to the foundation.

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LAXART museum

LAXART is a museum that brings LA artists and artworks based on LA into one space. The new LAXART logo celebrates the life found beating throughout the city through its multiple colors and layers of X-shaped lines. The colors and X's build on each other to represent the diversity found in Los Angeles. The logo can also adapt to a variety of surfaces and mediums, subtly shifting from print, to web, and other interactive environments to accommodate to a continually shifting city.

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To create more engagement, we introduce ‘ScreenSync’ technology where viewers can discover secrets that are not in the film but only be found by scanning the QR Code appearing at on their desktop with their iOS and Android device. Then their mobile device will be syncing with the film and also turning it to be the Remote Control, kind of. Whenever they see the ‘Secret Icon’ on the scene that has the secret, they can interact with their mobile device to discover all the secrets and even share some secrets to their social network, creating huge virals for the campaign!

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Post-it Epic Proportions

The idea had to be of epic proportions in order for the Post-it Big Pad to have an impact on it's audience. Everything in it had to be upsized to convey the message of think big, create big and love big! The idea of a customised 16" x 16" pizza box, together with a huge chocolate chip cookie was conceptualised. The pack contains two pads of Post-it Big Pads, sampling packs, Post-it Super Sticky Die-cut Notes, tabs, giant chocolate/strawberry sticks, heart shaped jellies. To package everything nicely, a pink felt cloth was used to wrap the items, giving it a more premium feel.

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